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Scorpion Ripped Burner Protein is a new generation of weight management supplementation specially designed to help both male and females reach their goal of attaining a lean, healthy body! Ripped Burner Protein compliments your efforts of eating wise by helping to structure your diet more around protein. This is because protein is the key weapon in a body fat loss nutrition plan which aids in increasing your metabolic rate and transforming your body into a fat burning machine! The protein source in the Ripped Burner Protein is a blend of Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Casein. These two proteins operate in tandem to provide you with both fast and sustained delivery of vital amino acids which will help keep you full for longer and help eliminate the unwanted before meal cravings! Both protein sources are derived from NZ grass fed cows, the global leader in dairy products. To further boost calorie burning, Ripped Burner Protein also contains ThermoGen6, a potent collaboration of the most popular thermogenic ingredients that assist weight management. These potent herbal extracts combine synergistically to aid your body toning capabilities and help to enhance results. Ripped Burner Protein is also fortified with vitamins B and C, to help increase energy levels and improve mood and motivation. Furthermore, Ripped Burner Protein contains pure caffeine so that you can be assured Ripped Burner Protein will provide you with that mid morning or mid afternoon energy boost and help intensify your workouts.
Finally, to make sure you look forward to you Ripped Burner Protein shake, the flavour experts at Scorpion have created delicious flavours that mix easily in either water or milk.


  • Scorpion Ripped Burner Protein is a high quality Whey and Casein Protein that is derived from NZ grass fed cows!
  • Scorpion Ripped Burner Protein is ultra low in carbohydrates and fat with less than 110 calories per serve!
  • Scorpion Ripped Burner features ThermoGen6-a  group of potent thermgenic nutrients to help enhance fat metabolism
  • Scorpion Ripped Burner Protein has been engineered to help accelerate body toning and help enhance definition!
  • Scorpion Ripped Burner is designed to help boost energy and motivation with added B and C vitamins.
  • Scorpion Ripped Burner is available in 1kg re-sealable foil pouches to help retain maximum freshness.


  • Mix 28 grams (approx 2 level scoop) in 200-300ml of water or milk.
  • If a less sweet shake is preferred add an extra 50-100ml of fluid until desired sweetness is achieved.
  • For best mixing results use a shaker bottle, adding the fluid in first then the powder.
  • Shake vigorously until fully mixed.
  • Best consumed between meals and/or after exercise.
  • Can be used twice a day.





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