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Dailyfix is a highly concentrated form of powdered green tea and acai. Add it to your water bottle for a refreshing, healthy energy boost!

DailyFix Green Tea                        

  • 350mg of green tea polyphenols per serve (using GT extract via a cold water filtration process)
  • No sugar!
  • 40mg of naturally occurring caffeine per serve
  • 1x sachet per 600-700mls of water or to taste
  • Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women (due to high levels of antioxidants preventing certain nutrients getting through to the baby.. iron in particular from memory)
  • Exclusive to the New Zealand Market but made in U.S.A (not China like similar products)
  • Use one a day for general well being and two a day to assist with weight management.
  • Two a day will provide 700mg of polyphenals. Studies have shown that 690mg on a daily basis is the number to hit to provide a thermogenic affect.
  • Ideally use 1x serve 15-20min before breakfast and 1x serve before lunch.
  • In doing this it aids with suppressing the appetite but also helps with digestion!


Do not exceed two serves per day.  Strictly 18+ adults only.  Contains Caffeine


Daily Fix Green Tea

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