Scorpion DISTURBED 350 GRAMS (31 Serves)

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From the creators of Nitric Oxide pre-workout formulas such as Sting and Vaso-Venom, Scorpion Supplements now proudly introduce their fiercest, most hardcore, insane instant energy enhancing, mind altering pre-workout serum to date, Disturbed!!
Disturbed is a highly concentrated pre-workout stimulant that provides a mega dose of 300mg pure caffeine (per serve) that will instantly engage neural receptors in the body to provide instant energy and mega focus! After your nervous system is fully engaged, Disturbed will then hit you with a colossal dose of Creatine, AAKG and Beta Alanine (7300mg per serve)! With blood vessels dilating, oxygen and nutrients flowing your body will be primed for the most hardcore workout of your life!
Delivered in five spine tingling flavours Lime-Pine, Pineapple, Raspberry Cola, Red Reaper and our NEW Mango Lemonade! Disturbed will not only prime, prep and psych up all your body systems, it will give you brutal power, strength and muscle endurance beyond that of your previous experiences!

Directions for use

Mix 11 grams (1 level scoop) in 300ml-400ml of water (in a Scorpion Shaker Bottle) and shake for 30 seconds to ignite the formula.
Take one serving 15-30 minutes prior to exercise and prepare to be Disturbed.


Disturbed is a hardcore stimulant, therefore begin on half a serve to check tolerance.
Due to the high levels of Beta-Alanine in Disturbed a tingling sensation may be felt soon after consuming. This is normal and will subside.
Exceeding more than one serve per day may cause harm due to the high levels of caffeine and vitamins in this product!

Do not exceed ONE serve per dayStrictly 18+ adults only.  Contains high levels of Caffeine