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     Scorpion Big Mass: Hardcore Mass Gainer

Scorpion Big Mass is a high quality, sports formula that has been designed specifically for individuals who are attempting to add serious MASS to their physique! Scorpion Big Mass has been designed to support muscle growth and supplies an abundance of high quality calories, rich in protein and carbohydrates.  Feeding your body with adequate protein and calories are vital nutritional components when aiming to achieve increases in rock, hard mass!!
One serve of Scorpion Big Mass, when mixed with 300ml of milk, supplies your muscles with a huge 34g of protein and 546 calories!
Scorpion Big Mass's synergistic protein matrix blend is perfect for optimal muscle repair and growth. This protein matrix combines exact ratios of New Zealand made, micro filtered cold pressed whey protein concentrate (WPC) and added free form amino acids. These proteins complement each other perfectly to aid with muscle growth. The Scorpion Big Mass formula is boosted with food fuel to supply sustained energy for training.
One serve of Scorpion Big Mass mixed in 300ml of milk will provide your muscles with 546 calories which supports energy and gains in body weight through healthy nutritional channels. The calories from Scorpion Big Mass are derived from specific, high performance nutrients, such as Maltrin M100 and added high quality dextrose.
To ensure Scorpion Big Mass supports results, we have also included creatine monohydrate, the worlds most effective performance enhancing agent! Also, Scorpion Big Mass includes L-Glutamine, Taurine, Glycine and Bromelain which is a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes. Scorpion Big Mass is completed with the addition of important B and C vitamins!
Scorpion Big Mass is a fantastic tasting shake that provides serious sports people with a controlled serve of protein, carbohydrates and  supporting ingredients such as creatine and free form amino acids to help YOU attain the physique of your dreams!

Scorpion Big Mass Vitals

  • Hardcore, high quality mass formula loaded with nutrients to assist size and weight gain
  • Massive 546 calories, 34gms protein, 74gms carbohydrates per 90gm serving in 300ml milk
  • 3.5 grams muscle building Creatine in every serve, boosted with Glutamine, Taurine & Glycine
  • Premium Whey Protein Concentrate and Bromelain to aid protein absorption and digestion
  • Maltrin M100 from GPC USA, high quality carbohydrate that does not cause stomach bloating
  • For hard gainers requiring nutrient support on weight gain programs & serious mass gainers
  • Great tasting shake that mixes easily in a shaker and is available in three awesome flavours strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.
  • Scorpion Big Mass is available in a massive 4kg (44 serves) bag = incredible value!

Suggested Serving Size

Mix 90 grams (2 level scoops) in 300ml of water or milk in
a shaker bottle. Add the fluid first followed by the powder, shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
Can be used anytime of the day between meals, preferably take one serve after exercise to help
recovery & provide all the nutrients required for muscle growth & mass gain.

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