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  • Scorpion Casein is a high quality protein supplement that is manufactured using premium quality Micellar Casein which will provide a sustained delivery of amino acids
  • Scorpion Casein is a high protein, low carbohydrate and low fat formula that may support muscle repair and growth
  • Scorpion Casein is derived from Micellar Casein which is one the slowest digesting protein sources available, making it the ideal guilt free addition to a weight management nutritional plan to make you feel full for longer
  • Due to the slower digestion rate of this protein, the Scorpion Casein formula is an excellent protein source to ingest early in the day or mid afternoon to satisfy your hunger between meals
  • Features the worlds best protein, derived from NZ grass fed cows!
  • Scorpion Casein can be ingested prior to sleeping as it will provide a steady stream of muscle nourishment during the night to help alleviate muscle catabolism which may enhance recovery rates
  • Contains 35g protein per serve mixed in milk and a huge 5 grams of BCAAs & 4 grams of L-Glutamine per serving
  • Scorpion Casein is naturally sweetened and comes in two delicious flavours perfected by Scorpion's flavour profile experts. The advanced manufacturing technology used by scorpion also means Scorpion Casein is the perfect texture mixed with water or milk and is not grainy or floury in texture like many other inferior casein products
    Suggested Serving Size:Mix 32 grams (approx 1 heaped scoop) in 300ml of water or milk in
    a shaker bottle. Add the fluid first followed by the powder, shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
    Can be used anytime of the day to add protein to your diet.
    Best taken post training to provide amino acids to support muscle recovery and growth. Also an excellent source of late evening nutrition because these amino acids may assist a steady state of muscle repair and growth while you sleep.


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