Scorpion STING 2 x 300 grams (60 Serves)

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  • Scorpion Sting is the most potent pre-workout supplement that we've ever created
  • Feel the Sting of Scorpions venom as soon as you start sipping on this delicious concoction!
  • Sting's blend of strength building Creatine, vaso-dilating Citrulline & potent array of
    super nutrients assists even the most seasoned training veteran to pump out more reps!
  • Sting's combination of 165mg pure Caffeine (per 10gm serve), Taurine & Beta Alanine
    work to bring ferocious energy, intense motivation & mood enhancement to a whole new level
  • Sting has added Bioperine to ensure all the high performance ingredients are delivered as
    quickly as possible to your blood stream so you can blast out your next training session
  • Once you've been stung by this lethal formula, your training will never be the same!
  • Pineapple Crusher flavour is 100% Naturally Sweetened

Suggested Serving Size  
Mix 10 grams (1 scoop) in 200ml of water in a shaker
and shake for 30 seconds to activate ingredients.
Take one serve 15-30 mins before exercise for an instant energy boost.
For a more intense effect take 2 scoops. Always start on 1 scoop to check tolerance.

Do not exceed two serves per day.  Strictly 18+ adults only.  Contains Caffeine


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