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Lauren Spring



-AGE: 22
-BIRTH PLACE: Hamilton
-OCCUPATION: Occupational Therapist-Hand Therapy
: Postgraduate Certificate-Hand & Upper Limb Rehabilitation
-POSTGRADUATE GOAL: Become a registered hand therapist by July 2019
-OTHER JOB: Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor
-HOBBIES: Exercise, Netball, Touch, Volleyball, Boxing

Welcome to my life.. 2017 was a huge year for me as I stepped out of my comfort zone and began a quest to empower and inspire individuals through health and fitness!
I’ve always been a relativity sporty person who trained hard. I thrive off other people’s energy but I also love giving other people energy! At the start of 2017 I was guided (totally pushed haha) to become a fitness instructor for Les Mils (Body Combat). I am extremely grateful, everyday, that the instructor who ‘pushed me’ did not stop until I said yes! She has changed my life forever.
I get this incredible feeling helping others to get an insane workout. I love pushing people and challenging them to push themselves beyond their limits!

I love mixing my training up so I don’t get bored and can stay motivated and invigorated to smash my goals. I participate in a range of sports and training which includes F45, boxing (at Hit Fitness HQ), and a little HIIT from time to time. Short and sweet. I love feeling the burn 😉

Throughout my journey I have been increasingly curious about the physiological adaptations associated with exercise and how applying specific nutrition programs can make a massive difference to how you train and how your body can change. Since I have been seeing my nutritionist I have learned so much about myself and my body! Over this period, I often get asked a lot of questions specifically about my own training and my nutrition.. Also, I have wanted to hold myself accountable to a higher standard! All of these factors lead me to creating an Instagram page @laurenspringfit. My @ laurenspringfit Instagram page is where I showcase my workouts, nutrition and general ways to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

I am building a small community and meeting the most amazing people through this platform. If I can inspire just one person to do an epic workout or cook a delicious healthy meal or take up a new challenge, then I have achieved my goal. There really is no better feeling.

Hello! Always been a team sport kind of gal but this one is for me. I am competing in my first boxing match (corporate) in March 2018. Training at Hit Fitness HQ with some absolute legends who keep me honest and have taught me everything I know. These guys are like family and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
-BUILD @laurenspringfit
The goal is to keep creating content that my followers enjoy and can apply to their lives! My goal is to build this platform and to keep inspiring, motivating and helping others when they reach out. I’ve been asked many times if I will study to be a personal trainer. Currently, postgraduate studies in my chosen career is enough for my plate but the more I focus on my fitness page, the more appealing it is! So watch this space!
Present/shadow at workshops for instructor Body Combat new release and become an AIM 1 instructor in combat (advanced instructor). I am also ambitious about ‘GRIT’and have high hopes of completing a module in Auckland (April). 
Represent Scorpion Supplements to the MAX! I love Scorpion Supplements. I have used their product for the past two years and I love giving my friends and followers recommendations for this amazing brand with seriously, the most delicious whey protein in New Zealand!!

-Banana: Holyyy tastes like banana primo!
-Strawberry: Also tastes like strawberry primo!
-Vanilla: Tastes like ice cream and makes the most delicious proats!