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Grace Beecroft

Scorpion Ambassador



 AGE: 22
Birth Place: Christchurch New Zealand
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Hobbies: Gym and currently training in preparation for the 2018 NZIFBB Christchurch Show
Occupation: Manager at Platypus Shoes
Favourite Foods: COFFEE! Avo, olives, and anything that has avo haha

I have always been a very active person and for much of my life trained in ballet and other forms of dance. During my dance career I performed in many shows and performances, New Zealand wide!
Unfortunately, when I was 16 years old I became very ill with anorexia and fell into a really dark place.
After several very difficult years, I finally found the road to recovery which led me to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.
This overwhelming experience sparked a new fire within my soul! From this moment on I knew that my life legacy was to help other women (and men) become empowered through health & fitness!

At the ripe age of 18, post trauma, I found mental and physical strength by completing my qualifications at NZIF. This set my soul on fire and empowered me to motivate and assist other people through health and fitness.
I am currently inspired to grace the figure stage and have ambitions to compete in the NZIFBB Christchurch Classic 2018. My current training program is super intensive but with every rep, set, and session I complete, I know I am one step closer to completing my goal. This mindset inspires me every day to push my physical and mental boundaries

I not only have huge responsibility representing Scorpion Supplements, and their supreme products as an ambassador, but I am fully aware I represent a changing society that is driven to find balance not only in health but wellness too (holistic living).

I personally believe the gym lifestyle epitomizes holistic living. The lessons learnt through training are very transferable to all areas of life. It requires extreme dedication, discipline, hard work ethic, and a positive attitude to attain personal growth. Plus the endorphin kick post training  is a fantastic mood elevator that will leave you revelling for hours, long after you’ve trained!

Goal Set: S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S principle!
Set some GOALS. Be hungry, and go for it! Leave all inhibition in your dust! Results take time and they don’t happen overnight, so be patient and be prepared to grind. It can be long, frustrating and tiring at times but there are many values and lessons learnt through this process and once you hit your goal reevaluate then start again!
Seek External Advice!
Hire a qualified coach or personal trainer to assist you with gym fundamentals and to help you develop strong habits and routines. A good coach will always hold you accountable to your goals! Be accountable!

Scorpion 100% Whey Protein OR Scorpion 100% Natural Whey Protein to optimize lean muscle repair and recovery after those hard training sessions to help build you figure or physique.
Scorpion Creatine is ideal for both males and females who are training hard in the gym looking for the edge. Scorpion Creatine Monohydrate aids  strength, power and lean muscle adaptations to help you build a tight toned figure or physique.
Scorpion BCAAs are essential proteins that aid with the recovery of you lean muscle after grueling training efforts. They also help to alleviate delayed onset muscle pain and prime your body for a faster recovery so that you can increase your strength and power and develop your figure faster!