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Georgia Bushell

NZ Alpine Ski Racer/Scorpion Ambassador



-AGE: 18
-HEIGHT: 170cm
-BIRTH PLACE: Christchurch
-OCCUPATION: Student/Athlete
-HOBBIES: Skiing,Cycling, Water Sports, Hiking

Hi, I am Georgia Bushell and I am an Alpine Ski Racer, training and racing around the world, as a member of the New Zealand Ski Team! I first began skiing when I was just 2 years old and then began racing when I was 5. For my whole life I have been heavily involved in sport, from rugby to cycling to tennis and swimming. Over the past few years, I have been travelling over to USA, during NZ summers, for extra training and racing. I now spend half the year in Colorado, USA and the other half of the year in NZ (between Christchurch and Queenstown).
I love living a crazy, busy active life that is goal driven. One of my current goals is to get a scholarship to a collage in the US, for ski racing.
A huge part of ski racing is the off season and dry-land training. Strength and fitness is the main difference separating the top World Cup athletes from winning and losing. I am lucky and glad to say that I love training in the gym and supporting my body’s growth and recovery with the best supplements on the market from Scorpion Supplements!!

Scorpion 100% Whey Protein
I absolutely love the Hokey pokey flavour. It goes with everything, milk water, berries, bananas and greens!
A new favourite of mine is the Iced Coffee Flavour! I love that I can just shake it with some water, straight after a workout, and it tastes so good!
Scorpion Sting Pre-Workout
If I am in need of an energy boost before working out, I love to drink a pre-workout! It gets me primed and ready to pump out the best workout I can, therefore maximising my gains!
Scorpion BCAAs Flavoured Drink Mix
I love drinking this throughout my workout to help keep me hydrated and to help kick start recovery and muscle repair! You also don’t have to just drink it during your workouts! You can take it throughout the day too to remain hydrated and help your body recover faster.

Off-Season Training
I have 3 lifts per week. These lits hit both upper and lower body and include 3 olympic lifts per programme.
Also I have 2 interval sessions per week. One on a bike and one plyometric.
Paired with the intervals, I have 2 core sessions involving weights and resistance.
I then take 1 day off a week in the off season.
Competition Training
When I am skiing, I always follow on snow training with recovery. This is either jogging, spin bike followed by stretching and core.