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AGE: 22
Height: 175cm
Birth Place: Christchurch New Zealand
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Occupation: Professional Rugby Player for the Northland Taniwha
Off season weight: 82kg
Body fat percentage: 5%
Favourite Supplements: Scorpion Whey Protein, Scorpion Creatine, Scorpion Sting and Scorpion BCAAs
Favourite foods: I love my carbohydrates especially a good chicken pasta. I make the best fettuccine. Also! nothing beats a good New Zealand Steak!

From an early age, I have been very competitive and and driven to succeed at every thing that I entered. Given the opportunity, I participated and tried every sport that was available for me to enter. Basketball, athletics, cricket, touch rugby, tennis, golf just to name a few sports that I really enjoyed! However, from the moment my father handed me my first rugby ball, I was hooked for life and knew exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up.. Be a professional rugby player!

My rugby journey began at the age of five, representing the Sydenham Rugby Club, and I remained with this club right through the age grades before I moved onto Christchurch Boys High School (CBHS). During my time at CBHS I was fortunate enough to have made a number of close friendships, which includes current All Blacks Anton Lienert-Brown (Waikato Chiefs) and Fletcher Smith (Otago Highlanders).

Throughout my childhood I was regularly selected for Canterbury Primary and Secondary grade teams through until U18s. As an aspiring young athlete I also competed in athletics and touch football representing my province with pride in the 200m South Island U18’s and New Zealand U17 touch team. The one final highlight, during my time in Christchurch, was representing the Canterbury Colts Rugby  side during the 2013 season.

The greatest challenge in my rugby career was when I was selected to join the Waikato Rugby Academy! In this environment I learnt  the ins and outs of what life was like as a rugby professional! I approached professionalism with an all or nothing attitude and an open mind to learn and grow both mentally and physically. One of my best traits is my never say die attitude! This mind set was installed into to cognitive learning domain from a young age, and has served my well throughout the years!

Currently, I am a contracted professional rugby with the Northland Taniwhas Mitre 10 cup 2016/17 Squads and this year have been selected to be apart of the Auckland Blues A squad. My 2018 ambition is to be apart of the Auckland Blues Super Rugby squad!


->Invest in a highly qualified coach or mentor who will help you plan out your training and align your nutrition to suit your specific goals.
-> Capitalise on the pre-season! It is too difficult to enhance your physique during the in-season!
->Be constant and patient with your training and nutritional protocols! Rome was not built in a day and an investment into your health should be life long.
->Become a master of your core roles!
->Don’t stop having fun and enjoy what you’re doing!


> Scorpion Whey Protein- Tastes fantastic and is rich in BCAAs and Glutamine for accelerated recovery!
> Scorpion BCAAs- the building blocks of lean tissue. Imperative to help accelerate recovery from all those hard training sessions, matches and gym efforts.
> Scorpion Creatine-A well proven ergogenic, performance enhancing product. A must in any gym bag!



->2013- Canterbury Colts Squad
->2016- First professional contract playing for the Northland Taniwha
->2017- Auckland Blues A Squad & Northland Taniwha


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