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PROFILE: Libby Searle


Age: 26
– Height: 172cm
Birth Place: Christchurch New Zealand
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Occupation: Owner & personal trainer at Libby Searle Fitness
Favourite Supplements: Active Naturals Pea Protein, Scorpion BCAAs flavoured drink mix, & Scorpion Glutamine
Favourite Foods: Coffee, avo smash, kumara fries and anything with bacon


Until the age of 19 I was obese, lazy and always sick! I drank too much alcohol, far too often, smoked and was unhappy with life, myself and most of all, my body. In 2010 a switch flipped in my mind and I realised that I needed to make drastic lifestyle changes otherwise I was heading for an early grave!
How my health and fitness empowerment journey began?
In 2011 I began my health and fitness journey. My first fitness goal  was a half marathon! 100% committed with the support of my friends and family, I trained exceptional hard, over many weeks for this and smashed my goals! Achieving this goal was important as I had to overcome many physical and mental barrier which had hindered me previously. This achievement transformed my mindset and lead to a passion for helping others achieve what they once thought was impossible.
One of the greatest barriers that individuals need to over come is the first step! I know from experience it can be very difficult to move away from your comfort zone but trust me, once you grab that vine and swing across to the other side, YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK!
Enter, Libby Searle Health and Fitness!

In 2014 I became a qualified personal trainer and began to work out of my home studio. The Libby Searle Fitness vision is “To transform and empower women’s lives through strength training”. I provide one on one personal training and small group sessions to women who want to lose weight, increase strength and feel confident about themselves. I focus on teaching my clients the fundamentals of weight training combined with an holistic approach to nutrition to create life long habits that will ensure my clients reach their personal goals while maintaining healthy lifestyle habits.
Your only limitation is your mind!
Unfortunately due to a congenital condition called hip dysplasia, which has required four major hip surgeries (in the past five years), I have limited hip mobility and therefore am unable to squat below parallel . This unfortunately  has restricted me to be only able to compete in bench press only powerlifting. However, I am always the optimist and despite this disability I will always look for the positives and really enjoy the competitive and super supportive environment of the bench press only powerlifting!
I’m living proof you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Some advice for those looking to begin their own health & fitness journey?
– Start small and give yourself a realistic goal, once you nail that keep building upon this until you reach a good exercise + healthy eating routine.|
– Keep a food + exercise journal to track your progress. This will help you pick up and bad habits you may not even be aware of and help you remain honest with yourself.
– Set fitness and weight loss goals – if you focus on cracking a new fitness goal the weight loss will just happen as a side effect!
– Find an activity you love, if you like running – run, if you love the gym – lift weights, whatever it is, move your body in some way daily. If you enjoy your training you’re more likely to stick with it forever but don’t be afraid to try new things too, you never know what you might like!
– Don’t be afraid to ask for help, even trainers + top athletes still need trainers/ coaches! Don’t be embarrassed to ask for some advice on how to get started with your health + fitness journey.

My top recommended supplements:
Scorpion 100% Natural Whey Protein – I recommend Scorpion 100% Natural Whey protein to all my clients because it aids in their recovery and has no added nasties!
Scorpion BCAA’s – Personally Green Apple is my favourite but the girls from Team LSF love the Pine Lime flavour. We love BCAAS’s as they boost our energy during training sessions and aid in recovery after heavy training sessions!
Scorpion L- Glutamine Powder– Powerlifting requires heavy training multiple time per week and to ensure I get the most out of each training session and have optimal recovery  I use Scorpion L- Glutamine as it aids muscle recovery and muscle growth!
Active Naturals Pea Protein– I am gluten and  dairy intolerant so am unable to ingest Whey protein.  Luckily Active Naturals 100% Pea Protein has my protein + recovery needs sorted as it’s gluten free, dairy free, is 100% naturally sweetened and is vegan-friendly.

-1st place 70kg – Canterbury Bench Champs 2016 u84kg cat NZ Powerlifting Federation
-1st Place 72.5kg – South Island Bench Champs 2016 u84kg cat  NZ Powerlifting Federation
-Up + Coming Personal Trainer Of The Year finalist 2016
-Reps Registered Personal Trainer

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