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DOB: 06/10/79
Birth Place: Salvador Brazil
Current Residence: Christchurch New Zealand
Code: Brazilian Jui Jits/MMA
Off season weight: 85kg
Competition weight: 79.5kg
Occupation: Personal trainer
Favourite Supplements: Scorpion WPI, Scorpion BCAA caps, Scorpion Creatine Monohydrate
Favourite Foods: The occasional pasta meal, steak, and an old fashion chicken dish


Fabio Reis was born and grew up in Salvador, Brazil. From an early age Fabio was fascinated with mixed martial arts, and idolised many on screen stars such as Bruce Lee and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Throughout his early years Fabio developed a passion for helping individuals which has lead him to pursue a career as a physical education teacher. Outside of his teaching roles, Fabio has dedicated his life to his ultimate passion which is Brazilian Jui Jitsu. During his illustrious career Fabio has claimed many titles and has won the hearts of many. Now residing in Christchurch New Zealand, Fabio’s objectives are the growth and development of Brizilian Jui JItzu in this country. A busy, productive man, Fabio is a dedicated personal trainer,  father and fighter/referee.

Fabio’s competitive session is long and requires many months of dedication to both his training and nutritional protocols. Fabio is a firm believer in attaining most of his daily nutritional intake through whole foods but is well eduacated on which supplements will accelerate his hard efforts. With a jam packed 2016 now into full swing, Fabio utilises Scorpion Whey Protein Isolate both pre and post workout along with Scorpion Creatine Monohydrate (to assist with his strength and power) and Scorpion BCAA caps (to maximise his recovery and alleviate delayed muscle soreness).
Fabio states that “It is imperative to feed the body well as a means of both preparation for training and competition”. “Pre and post workout nutrition and supplementation helps to make my muscles recover faster so I can hit the gym harder, and  sooner!”


-Scorpion Whey Protein to optimise muscle repair and regeneration after those hard training sessions and fight nights!
-Scorpion Creatine enables me to maximise my strength and power output!
-Scorpion BCAA caps are a quick easy BCAA fix that I can carry with me where and when ever I train. These little gems are the catalyst to my accelerated muscle repair and growth.


-Instagram: fabioreismma


Education: Degree in Physical Education & Qualified Personal Trainer
Sporting status: International MMA Referee & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Athlete
– Sporting awards:1st place Marlborough Brazilian Jui Jitsu Competition 2014


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